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AIM Utah COVID-19 Outreach

“Do nothing and wait” – we have been told that’s how we defeat this pandemic.

We are waiting as fast as we can but – “do nothing” is harder than it sounds.

We have decided to do something about this. AIM Utah wants to help any IT professional who has been displaced by the COVID-19 slowdown.

If you have been displaced, sign up for help and we will match you with IT practitioners and leaders who want to help you get ready for your next IT job.

If you are willing to help, we are looking for mentors, coaches, reviewers – pretty much anybody willing to help the COVID-displaced get ready for their IT role. If you can assess and advise on skills, if you can review and advise on a resume or a career plan, if you can provide mentoring support, we want and need you.

Here are some testimonials from recent program participants:

"Joe, my mentor, was very helpful. Thank you for connecting me. I also had a lot more traffic to my LinkedIn since I made updates suggested by my career coach, Steve. I will have to send them both a thank you note."

“I would like to take a minute to thank you and your team for working with me, you were extremely helpful. Today I have accepted a position with Western Governors University.”

“Hi Jesse, I was able to meet with Margot and she had some REALLY good insight that I appreciated. I appreciate what you are doing and leading in reaching out and getting people talking and networking. I've been told my first offer letter should be coming in today! The panic that hit after the initial notification of the layoff is subsiding and I think I'll be good to go.”

Let us take this time to build the IT community and help each other succeed.

Thank you!

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